Technical Security Specialists

Get enterprise-level python developers, network security incident handlers, and deploy TSCM

Information Technology Security Specialists

SANS Certified Incident handler (GCIH)

Incident Handlers who are qualified with SANS through the SANS 504 Hacker Techniques Exploits and Incident Handling. This course and certification has given Black Signals an incomparable overall knowledge of all phases of Incident Handling. The course develops skills to prepare, identify, contain, eradicate and recover from common attack techniques and vectors. The GCIH certification focuses on detecting, responding and resolving computer security incidents and covers incident handling steps, detecting malicious applications and network activity, common attack techniques that compromise hosts, detecting and analyzing host based, system based, network based vulnerabilities, and continuing the process improving procedures by discovering the root causes of incidents.

Mile 2 Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE)

certified Mile 2 computer forensics examiners. We have worked with computer related forensic tools such as HELIX and Encase while building, maintaining and configuring classified and unclassified forensic machines, both with bare metal and in virtual environments. We use tools such as VMWARE, Linux, ApateDNS, PROCMON, Process explorer, wireshark, Md5 Deep, and fakenet. Our skills can be demonstrated in the field doing a wide verity of things such as preparing standard operating procedures, expertly exploring free space, tracking down USB devices and watching for malware to call back home offline. We are experts in how to analyze logs, trace network flows and pinpoint IP addresses to within a few blocks.

Technical Security Specialist (TSS)

Conversant with Technical Countermeasures (TSCM) And Technical Security which includes telephone networks, cell phone detection, electrical fundamentals, electronic theory, circuit analysis, test and measurement basics, telecommunications, radio receivers and transmitters, technical surveillance devices, technical security hazards, physical security, RF signal propagation, radio frequency spectrum analysis, physical inspection principles, infrared (IR) thermal imaging.

Other Computer/Technical Skills

Created maintained and worked on small business networks. More specifically I designed and implemented an entire network for the Victoria Langford Highland Fire halls. In addition I set up VPN tunnels from fire trucks to the main fire halls. Created, maintained and worked on several web pages for non-profit organizations, many for the Canadian Wildlife Service and I manipulated graphics using a variety of programs, worked closely with clients and co-workers, and put up web pages on web servers. I am familiar with many computer programs such as Windows, DOS, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, FTP servers and client software, Photoshop6 and Paint, Home site, Dream Weaver Ultra-dev, Adobe Golive5, Adobe Acrobat, Flash Corel, Word and Draw, Real player, Direct 3D, Quick Time, Direct X, ProComm, SAS, Net Meeting, Antivirus software, and various internet applications; set up new internet connections and accounts for a internet service provider, installed and removed programs, worked on removing the NIMDA virus, Worked on analysing W32 Silly FDC and other viruses on many computers, Proficient with Metasploit, Armitage, and Cobalt Strike, worked with and on networks, laser color printers, laser printers, faxes, photocopy machines, and digital cameras. I also determined and fixed or cleaned various software and hardware problems.